Southborough Village Pre-School

Early Drop-Off & After-School Care

Early Drop-Off and After-School Care at SVP

We offer an Early Drop-Off option as well as an After-School Care option every day. You are encouraged to use these options as they suit your schedule throughout the year. If you intend to drop your child off early, or pick up late on a regular basis, please let us know at your September conference. You are also welcome to use Early Drop-Off and After-School Care simply as needed throughout the year. Many families find these options to be convenient, especially while managing other children’s school schedules or even napping siblings at home.

We do ask that if you intend to use before or after-school care, that you let us know what time you expect to arrive in the morning or afternoon. You can send the Directors, as well as your child’s teachers an email, to let us know of your plans, and you can also find sign-up sheets posted on the bulletin board at the front door. If you find that you are running late in the afternoon and will need your child to stay late, please call the office so that we know your plan, and so that we can let your child know as well. We ask that you don’t contact your child’s teacher through email or text during the day, as teachers are not always able to check their phones while teaching.

Early Drop-Off is available beginning at 8:00 AM every morning.
After-school Care is available on Mon/Wed/Fri from 2:45-3:30 PM and on Tues/Thurs from 2:45-4:00 PM.

The fees for Early Drop-Off and After-School Care will be billed in quarter hour increments, $4.00 for every 15 minutes outside of class time. The fee for 0-15 minutes before or after class is $4.00. The fee for 15-30 minutes before or after class is $8.00. The fee for 30-45 minutes before or after class is $12.00 and the fee for 45-60 minutes is $16.00.

Billing for both Early Drop-Off and After-School Care occurs at the end of each month, through email, separate from tuition payments. Siblings will receive a 50% off discount when attending Early-Drop-Off/After-School Care at the same time. Early Drop-off/After-School Care bills are due upon receipt, must be paid within two weeks and cannot be carried over to the next month. Payments received later than 2 weeks after receipt of the monthly bill will be subject to a late fee. Continued use of extended school time options is contingent upon payment of the monthly bill.