Southborough Village Pre-School

Our Curriculum

At Southborough Village Preschool we are committed to providing an integrated, thematic, hands-on, discovery and project based curriculum that promotes self esteem, creativity and rich social interactions amongst our students. Our teachers have a strong understanding of the developmental needs of children as well as the knowledge that all children learn best and most joyfully when they are active and engaged in meaningful play. Our curriculum is designed to help children develop rich language, social, physical and cognitive skills in a positive, safe, hands-on setting. Our curriculum themes will vary year to year and class to class, based on student interest, but our approach to curriculum remains the same. Our skilled teachers design open-ended, process-oriented activities that allow for the exploration of many materials, textures and experiences. Our curriculum is largely project based and exploratory in nature.

We nurture all learning styles at school and encourage children to explore topics and units using a variety of methods and experiences, such as music and movement, fine and gross motor activities, dramatic play and problem solving as well as interpersonal and cooperative based activities. Our teachers have a strong background in developmentally appropriate education, and you will find that our classrooms are rich in exciting emergent literacy and number sense experiences. Throughout the day, our staff engage children in meaningful conversations, use open-ended questions and provide opportunities for students to develop more complex language skills through sharing, problem solving and positive peer interactions.

Every day at SVP, you will find that our staff utilizes teaching strategies that ensure a positive classroom environment, engage children in learning and promote critical thinking skills. Our curriculum is developed and continuously modified as needed, always keeping in mind the needs and interests of our students. At Southborough Village Preschool, helping children to find joy in what they are learning about is our highest priority!