Southborough Village Pre-School

Our Staff

Greetings from our staff…

We at Southborough Village Preschool feel fortunate to have an amazingly talented group of educators on our staff. Our teachers come to us from a wide range of backgrounds and rich educational experiences. As a whole, our staff is warm, fun, caring and tremendously devoted to the children we care for. They have a deep understanding of how children grow, as well as an appreciation for how wonderfully different they all are.   As a staff, we work hard to ensure that we remain current in our professional development and that we utilize developmentally appropriate practices for our students at all times. We encourage you to come to Southborough Village Preschool for a visit, to observe a class and to speak firsthand with our wonderful staff. When you spend time at SVP, it will become very clear how much we love what we do! We feel grateful to be able to spend our days with your children. Please come for a visit! To arrange a visit, please call us anytime at 508-485-3109.