Southborough Village Pre-School

Our Objectives

Through the implementation of age-appropriate, developmental, hands-on activities, we provide the nurturing, safe environment, materials and supportive guidance in which children will:

  • Develop a positive sense of self and learn to be self confident in a variety of situations.
  • Be able to function as part of a group, listen, cooperate, share, problem solve, observe, negotiate and participate.
  • Learn to be independent according to their ability.
  • Be able to think, reason, question and experiment.
  • Develop language and communication skills which will enable them to be able to follow directions, articulate needs, express their feelings, develop negotiation skills, initiate conversation and share experiences.
  • Develop emergent literacy skills including left to right progression, letter recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, phonemic awareness and meaning in print and text all around them.
  • Find and explore math concepts all around them, including sequencing, categorizing, one-to-one correspondence, patterns, shapes, number sense and number recognition, using manipulatives, unit blocks and everyday objects.
  • Explore the world of science, through observation, prediction, exploration, investigation and experimentation.
  • Experience the thrill of creativity, construction and discovery.
  • Recognize that they are part of a classroom community.
  • Feel comfortable experimenting with many types of materials.
  • Become stronger and more coordi nated through gross motor outdoor play during which time they will run, swing, climb, jump, hop, bike, dig or spin!
  • Develop respect and appreciation for others through cooperative play and social experiences.
  • Learn to respect others’ differences and recognize their similarities.
  • Be exposed to many different types of artistic expression (music, movement, drama, different art mediums, etc.).