Southborough Village Pre-School

Our Philosophy

At Southborough Village Preschool, we believe that the exciting preschool years are critical in helping a child to develop the skills, confidence and curiosity necessary to become an enthusiastic lifelong learner. We believe that preschool is a time to explore the world around us, to take risks, to ask questions and to feel safe and secure enough to do so within our diverse community of learners. We believe in encouraging and nurturing the growth of the whole child, including their emotional, physical, social and cognitive development. Research strongly indicates that for young children, play is the foundation of all early learning. Play is the “work” of children and at SVP, we celebrate and honor that by creating a daily variety of valuable, open ended play experiences through which our children can grow and develop as learners.

At Southborough Village Preschool, we strive to provide a preschool experience that is hands on, developmentally appropriate and quite simply great fun for our students. We place tremendous importance on guiding our students to not only feel good about themselves as learners but to feel good about themselves as part of a community. Our teachers encourage this by developing, supporting and modeling positive, warm and nurturing interactions with and between their students. At Southborough Village Preschool we work hard to help children see great value in treating other people well and with the respect and kindness that every person deserves.

We are committed to making the environment of Southborough Village Preschool a place in which children have the freedom to make choices, the safety to take risks and the opportunity to express themselves every day. As teachers, we feel honored to be a part of this exciting process and are committed to working as partners with you as we guide your child through this early educational journey.